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Digital Graphics and Animations Educational Requirements

Degree, diploma, and certificate courses are available for digital graphics and animation. The digital graphics and animation program offers you the opportunity to develop your  skills and to increase professional competence in various applications such as 3D animation, illustration, image manipulation, and screen design.
Basic educational requirement for digital graphics and animation course is B.C. grade [...]

Utilization Review Technician Educational Requirements

Generally, the work of a utilization review technician involves coordination of pharmaceutical services. The basic educational requirement for the post of utilization review technician is a high-school graduation or equivalent course and two years work experience in any hospital or retail pharmacy.
One does not require any supervisory or leadership skill to avail this post. In [...]

Corrections Officer Educational Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a corrections officer, you will be required to have a high school diploma or equivalent G.E.D. You must be at least 18-21 years of age .In addition to that, you must be able to pass a physical screening and a written exam.
If you are interested in becoming a corrections [...]

Zoologist Education Requirements

Unlike being a doctor or a lawyer, you are not required to achieve a certian level of education to become a zoologist.  Most employers look for candidates that have a bachelors in zoology, biology, chemistry or another related science.  There are some associates programs offered by junior colleges, technical colleges and trade schools.  Masters programs [...]

Archaeologist Education Requirements

The educational requirements for an archaeologist are different for each specific job.  If you are interested in being an archaeologist, it is recommended that you receive a bachelors degree in some sort of anthropology, archeology or social science.