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Photographer Educational Requirements

Say cheese! If you want to become a photographer, you will need a high school diploma. You will need to enroll in vocational training for photography that will involve two years of learning the basic techniques of photography, learning everything you’ll need to know about equipment for photography, and learning all the processes you’ll need [...]

Fitness Trainer Educational Requirements

A fitness trainer is someone who has a lot of discipline and knowledge about how to stay healthy through diet and specific exercise. If you want to become a fitness trainer you will first need to become certified by an organization that is nationally recognized and is accredited.
A fitness trainer will need to be a [...]

Dog Trainer Educational Requirements

Would you like to be able to teach a dog more than just to sit and roll over? Find a school of dog training and complete its curriculum, then enroll to earn your national dog trainer certification. The most well known organization for this is the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
United States dog trainers [...]

Coroner Educational Requirements

Depending on where you live will determine what you will need to be a coroner. Each state and county has different criteria for their appointed coroners. You can pursue a criminal justice degree to become a coroner or start out by becoming a pathologist or medical doctor.
Being a coroner carries with it a heavy responsibility [...]

Criminal Psychologist Educational Requirements

If you would like to able to delve into the minds of criminals and see what makes them tick, you will need to get your Doctorate Degree in counseling, clinical, or criminal psychology. The time to earn a doctorate in these fields will take up to seven years. If you wish to specialize in criminal [...]

Army Colonel Educational Requirements

The first step towards becoming an army colonel is, of course, join the army. Start with the attitude that you are going to exceed expectations and do well in your basic training. Make sure to choose a development program that will suit you and do your best at mastering the techniques of that program.
It takes [...]

Military Officers Education Requirements

If you have the desire to become a military officer, you will need to have a high school diploma. You must have passed English and three other courses. If you do not posses these requirements, you may be able to take what is called the Alternative Equivalency Assessment test. This test is to assess your [...]

Criminologist Educational Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in sociology or psychology is required to become a criminologist. Courses that will be needed will be in statistics, computer science, English, and writing. The work that a criminologist does will mean a lot of research and writing about that research. Getting a master’s degree in sociology or psychology will help you [...]

CPA Educational Requirements

If you want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree that focuses on accounting. Courses that may be required in your state include taxation, auditing, financial accounting, and management accounting.
The future CPA will also need to take courses in business like economics, business law, business ethics, marketing, [...]

Forensic Science Educational Requirements

If yoiu want to study forensic science, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent coursework in sciences such as biology, chemistry, criminology, or physics. At the bachelor’s degree level, you must study chemistry as one of your major subjects and focus ideally on studies about microscopy and statistics.
Many sub-categories are [...]