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Pediatric Oncologist Education Requirements

The educational requirements to become a Pediatric Oncologist are very similar to those of becoming a doctor.  You need to get a bachelors and then complete medical school.  The bachelors can be in any field of your liking as long as you complete the required pre-requisites.  Most people major in some sort of science or [...]

Veterinary Education Requirements

Becoming a Veterinarian is very similar to becoming a doctor.  You need to complete an undergraduate degree and take the required pre-requisite courses.  Next, you need to go to Veterinary School and achieve your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.  After completing vet school, you need to complete a certian number of years of interning or [...]

Nurse Practitioner Education Requirements

A nurse practitioner is a profession that some consider to be between a registered nurse and a doctor.  In order to become a Nurse Practitioner, one must complete a Masters in Nursing.  In order to get your masters, you must have a bachelors, complete the required pre-requisites, and be a registered nurse.
Candidates typically get a [...]

Physician Education Requirements

The education requirements in the US for a physician are typically four years of undergraduate study, four years of post-graduate or medical school, and at least three more years of internship residency.
The bachelors degree is usually in some sort of science or pre-med.  You can have a bachelors degree in anything as long as you [...]

Orthodontic Assistant Education Requirements

There is no standard educational requirement required in order to become an Orthodontic Assistant.  The educational requirements vary from office to office.  Typically Orthodontic assistants have an associates degree from a junior college, or some sort of trade or technical school.

Pharmacist Education Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you will need a masters to practice in the united states.  You might think a pharmacist would be an easy job, afterall they work at a drug store.  However, this is not the case.  Pharmacists need to get a bachelor degree (the degree doesn’t matter so much [...]