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Radiologist Educational Requirements

To become a radiologist, one must have a four-year bachelor’s degree in any science-related subjects as well as a four-year medical degree. In addition, he/she must undergo four years of residency training. As an optional choice, to get sub-specialization, he/she must undergo fellowship training for one or two years.
In addition to the educational requirements, to [...]

Biochemist Educational Requirements

To become a biochemist, you must have at least a degree in biochemistry or a degree in chemistry (some organizations accept a degree in biological sciences or science with biochemistry is one of the major subjects); however, a bachelor’s will be sufficient only for employments that involve the work of lab technicians or research assistants.
Biochemist [...]

Ophthalmologist Educational Requirements

You must already be a physician to become an ophthalmologist. After completing medical school, an ophthalmologist has to go four more years for more training. The first year of these four will be focused mainly on ophthalmology related courses, residencies, and clinical studies.
The ophthalmologists will be able to perform eye surgery and will be able [...]

Gastroenterology Educational Requirements

To become a gastroenterologist (physician in gastroenterology) Gastroenterology is the course to study. You must have  a four-year bachelor’s degree in science. your next step should be to acquire a medical degree from an accredited medical school. On successful completion of the medical degree, you must complete residency training in internal medicine, which normally takes [...]

Forensic Science Educational Requirements

If yoiu want to study forensic science, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent coursework in sciences such as biology, chemistry, criminology, or physics. At the bachelor’s degree level, you must study chemistry as one of your major subjects and focus ideally on studies about microscopy and statistics.
Many sub-categories are [...]

Engineering Psychology Educational Requirements

Engineering psychology is available at different levels of graduation such as bachelor’s degree (BS or BA), master’s degree (MS or MA), or doctoral degree (EdD, PhD, or PsyD). Generally, to practice as a psychologist in the United States, one must have doctoral degree. However, in some states in United States, a master’s degree holder is [...]

Utilization Review Technician Educational Requirements

Generally, the work of a utilization review technician involves coordination of pharmaceutical services. The basic educational requirement for the post of utilization review technician is a high-school graduation or equivalent course and two years work experience in any hospital or retail pharmacy.
One does not require any supervisory or leadership skill to avail this post. In [...]

Medical Geneticist Education Requirements

The work of medical geneticists involves studying how genes work to create cells and organisms; they also study how hereditary attributes and mutations pass through generations. To become a medical geneticist, you must have a degree in genetics or related subjects such as biological sciences or biochemistry.Then you will also have to complete a master’s [...]

Genetic Engineering Educational Requirements

Getting a Doctoral Degree in biological science is required for becoming a genetic engineer. The course you will need to focus on in the first years of study as an undergraduate are chemistry, zoology, botany, and biology.
The next step would be graduate studies that will include courses in genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, and embryology. After four [...]

Veterinary Science Educational Requirements

To become a veterinarian, you will need to get a Bachelor’s Degree in science. The prospective veterinarian student must then complete a full curriculum for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).The school of veterinarian medicine takes four years, and in that fourth ear, the student will go through clinical trials in the areas they wish [...]