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Information Officer Educational Requirements

An information officer is someone who works for certain government organizations and they are responsible for the coordination of communications between that organization and the public. An information officer may also be the spokesperson for that organization as well. You will need to be an organized and well spoken person to perform this job successfully.
The [...]

Coroner Educational Requirements

Depending on where you live will determine what you will need to be a coroner. Each state and county has different criteria for their appointed coroners. You can pursue a criminal justice degree to become a coroner or start out by becoming a pathologist or medical doctor.
Being a coroner carries with it a heavy responsibility [...]

Forensic Science Educational Requirements

If yoiu want to study forensic science, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent coursework in sciences such as biology, chemistry, criminology, or physics. At the bachelor’s degree level, you must study chemistry as one of your major subjects and focus ideally on studies about microscopy and statistics.
Many sub-categories are [...]

Copyright Expert Education Requirements

Copyright experts or copyright lawyers are a specific type of attorneys.  If you want to be a copyright expert, you are typically going to first need to become a lawyer and focus on copyright law.  The requirements to become a lawyer are to complete an undergrad degree, graduate from a law school (typically a three-year [...]

Lawyer Education Requirements

Lawyers or attorneys are typically thought of as highly educated.  Not all people think this job is prestigious or respectable, but most can agree that lawyers have a good amount of education.
To become a lawyer, you need a Bachelors degree and also a Juris Doctor, or a JD.  The bachelors degree can be in anything, [...]