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Digital Graphics and Animations Educational Requirements

Degree, diploma, and certificate courses are available for digital graphics and animation. The digital graphics and animation program offers you the opportunity to develop your  skills and to increase professional competence in various applications such as 3D animation, illustration, image manipulation, and screen design.
Basic educational requirement for digital graphics and animation course is B.C. grade [...]

Medical Geneticist Education Requirements

The work of medical geneticists involves studying how genes work to create cells and organisms; they also study how hereditary attributes and mutations pass through generations. To become a medical geneticist, you must have a degree in genetics or related subjects such as biological sciences or biochemistry.Then you will also have to complete a master’s [...]

Elementary Teacher Educational Requirements

Although some states don’t require it, it is best to obtain a Master’s Degree in education. Elementary school teachers are required to have state’s license and certification. Elementary school teachers are required to maintain continued education as well.
Courses that would be needed are early reading, general psychology, composition techniques for young children, elementary mathematics, and [...]

Special Education Teacher Educational Requirements

A special education teacher will need to have completed a four year Bachelor’s Degree program. To become a special education teacher, some courses like developmental disabilities, child development, psychology, sociology, and physical education will add to the educational degree for teaching students with special needs.
After completing a Bachelor’s degree, the next step is passing a [...]

Nursing Continuing Education Requirements

Although it varies from state to state, a registered nurse needs to renew their license every two years.  In order to renew their license, they need to complete 20 contact hours or two units of continuing education.  The courses must be academic in nature and not be prerequisite courses.