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Aerospace Engineer Educational Requirements

Start your career as an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. Undergraduate majors should be in astronautical, aeronautical, or aerospace engineering. If the career you would like to have involves dealing with people’s lives or property, you will need to get licensed to do so.
To be a licensed engineer, you must have a [...]

Chemical Engineering Educational Requirements

A degree in chemical engineering is essential for you if you intend to become a chemical engineer, as a chemical engineer, you are sure to be profitably hired by either the public or private sector. To obtain a bachelor’s degree (4 to 5 years) in chemical engineering, you must have studied chemistry, physics, and mathematics [...]

Volcanologist Educational Requirements

A volcanologist is a category that comes under geoscientists. For becoming a volcanologist, people must have at least a mater’s degree in earth science (geology), in particular, volcanology. However, a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in volcanology is preferred for the positions that involve high-level researches or teaching in colleges.
In addition to the educational requirements, the other [...]

Marine Biologist Education Requirements

A career in marine biology is one that can take you heights. Depending on how far you want to take yourself in the field of marine biology, you can determine the level of degrees you will need to master in school. The entry-level jobs in marine biology will require a Bachelor’s Degree, but to be [...]

Geologist Education Requirements

Becoming a geologist will require a Bachelor’s Degree. Courses aimed at the field of being an earth expert would include chemistry, physics, earth and environmental sciences, mineralogy, and rock formations and transformations. Lab work and field studies are also included in most Geology Bachelor Degree courses. For more specialized careers in geology, a Master’s Degree [...]

Roofer Education Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements to become a Roofer.  Typically, roofers will work their way up through the trades.  They start out as apprentices, eventually become journeymen and finally they could be foremen.  Some companies will require a high school education, but most simply want to see experience on your resume.
If you want to [...]