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Software Engineer Educational Requirements

You will need a degree in software engineering to become a software engineer. You should focus on classes that fall under general computer sciences such as programming, web design, operating systems, and data management.
Become an intern to start off at the bottom of the ladder of software engineering success. You should also work on some [...]

Systems Analyst Educational Requirements

Depending on the job you are after as a network system analyst will determine whether you want to get a Bachelor’s Degree or two year associate’s degree in Computer Science and IT Technology. You should have broad background knowledge in the workings of computers and the same kind of knowledge about the Internet.
A network systems [...]

Digital Graphics and Animations Educational Requirements

Degree, diploma, and certificate courses are available for digital graphics and animation. The digital graphics and animation program offers you the opportunity to develop your  skills and to increase professional competence in various applications such as 3D animation, illustration, image manipulation, and screen design.
Basic educational requirement for digital graphics and animation course is B.C. grade [...]

IT (Information Technology) Education Requirements

There are many different paths you can take in IT.  There is no required education level to work in the Information Technology field.  You could get a very basic, entry-level data entry type position with nothing more than a high-school education.  The more responsibility and salary you want, the more education that you will need.  [...]