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Medical Administrator Educational Requirements

The education you will need to become a medical administrator will take a year in most cases. You will need to apply to a technical or vocational school that will provide accredited courses in medical terminology, labor law, medical law and ethics, billing and collections, and human resources.
Certification is required for some practice administrators and [...]

Marketing Officer Educational Requirements

A potential marketing officer will need a Bachelor’s Degree in any area. You must have the proper credentials to prove your degree when you take the Certified Marketing Exam. If you have an associate’s degree, you may also qualify to take the exam.
Without either degree, you must possess at least eight years of marketing experience [...]

Customer Service Assistant Educational Requirements

The biggest requirement you should have to become a customer service assistant is to be adept at working with the public. You would do well to have a degree in public relations. The duties that a customer service assistant will perform will involve possessing phone skill and being able to deal with all kinds of [...]

CPA Educational Requirements

If you want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree that focuses on accounting. Courses that may be required in your state include taxation, auditing, financial accounting, and management accounting.
The future CPA will also need to take courses in business like economics, business law, business ethics, marketing, [...]

Copyright Expert Education Requirements

Copyright experts or copyright lawyers are a specific type of attorneys.  If you want to be a copyright expert, you are typically going to first need to become a lawyer and focus on copyright law.  The requirements to become a lawyer are to complete an undergrad degree, graduate from a law school (typically a three-year [...]

Lawyer Education Requirements

Lawyers or attorneys are typically thought of as highly educated.  Not all people think this job is prestigious or respectable, but most can agree that lawyers have a good amount of education.
To become a lawyer, you need a Bachelors degree and also a Juris Doctor, or a JD.  The bachelors degree can be in anything, [...]

IT (Information Technology) Education Requirements

There are many different paths you can take in IT.  There is no required education level to work in the Information Technology field.  You could get a very basic, entry-level data entry type position with nothing more than a high-school education.  The more responsibility and salary you want, the more education that you will need.  [...]