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Criminal Psychologist Educational Requirements

If you would like to able to delve into the minds of criminals and see what makes them tick, you will need to get your Doctorate Degree in counseling, clinical, or criminal psychology. The time to earn a doctorate in these fields will take up to seven years. If you wish to specialize in criminal [...]

Army Colonel Educational Requirements

The first step towards becoming an army colonel is, of course, join the army. Start with the attitude that you are going to exceed expectations and do well in your basic training. Make sure to choose a development program that will suit you and do your best at mastering the techniques of that program.
It takes [...]

School Maintenance Director Educational Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a school maintenance director, you will need to hava high school diploma or G.E.D. A degree public administration would be helpful. You should be able to direct and manage custodial operations, take care of work orders for maintenance and repair of a building, and be able to maintain written [...]

Ornithologist Educational Requirements

If you want to become an Ornithologist, you must have a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree in  subjects such as biological sciences, ecology, environmental biology, or zoology. As the routine works of an ornithologist involve studying the behavior, classification, conservation, ecology, and physiology of birds, you must be familiar with these areas.
In addition to [...]

Radiologist Educational Requirements

To become a radiologist, one must have a four-year bachelor’s degree in any science-related subjects as well as a four-year medical degree. In addition, he/she must undergo four years of residency training. As an optional choice, to get sub-specialization, he/she must undergo fellowship training for one or two years.
In addition to the educational requirements, to [...]