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Medical Administrator Educational Requirements

The education you will need to become a medical administrator will take a year in most cases. You will need to apply to a technical or vocational school that will provide accredited courses in medical terminology, labor law, medical law and ethics, billing and collections, and human resources.
Certification is required for some practice administrators and [...]

Fitness Trainer Educational Requirements

A fitness trainer is someone who has a lot of discipline and knowledge about how to stay healthy through diet and specific exercise. If you want to become a fitness trainer you will first need to become certified by an organization that is nationally recognized and is accredited.
A fitness trainer will need to be a [...]

Dog Trainer Educational Requirements

Would you like to be able to teach a dog more than just to sit and roll over? Find a school of dog training and complete its curriculum, then enroll to earn your national dog trainer certification. The most well known organization for this is the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
United States dog trainers [...]

Marketing Officer Educational Requirements

A potential marketing officer will need a Bachelor’s Degree in any area. You must have the proper credentials to prove your degree when you take the Certified Marketing Exam. If you have an associate’s degree, you may also qualify to take the exam.
Without either degree, you must possess at least eight years of marketing experience [...]

Dentist Educational Requirements

If you would like to prevent everyone from having cavities and pull out those aching teeth, you must hold a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. You will have eight years of college and dental school to complete for this degree.
Find a school by contacting the American Dental association and then prepare to take the [...]

Dental Hygienist Educational Requirements

For a dental hygienist to work in a dentist’s office you will need to earn your associate’s degree and if you want to work in a school or public health facility you will need a Bachelor’s Degree. Classes you will need are sciences like chemistry and biology, and math is a strong subject also.
You will [...]

Customer Service Assistant Educational Requirements

The biggest requirement you should have to become a customer service assistant is to be adept at working with the public. You would do well to have a degree in public relations. The duties that a customer service assistant will perform will involve possessing phone skill and being able to deal with all kinds of [...]

Coroner Educational Requirements

Depending on where you live will determine what you will need to be a coroner. Each state and county has different criteria for their appointed coroners. You can pursue a criminal justice degree to become a coroner or start out by becoming a pathologist or medical doctor.
Being a coroner carries with it a heavy responsibility [...]

Community Nurse Educational Requirements

A community nurse will work outside of the traditional hospital or clinical setting. Community nurses will perform patient teaching, preventative healthcare, and provide case management. A Bachelor’s Degree of Science is required.
You must obtain your RN license by completing your nursing program and then applying to take the state board of nursing exam. You may [...]

Chiropractor Educational Requirements

One of the twenty one chiropractic colleges that are accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education will get you started on your way to becoming a chiropractor. You must first have a college degree with a lot of science courses involved like biology, chemistry and physics.
To obtain a D.C. degree, you must complete four years [...]