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Copyright Expert Education Requirements

Copyright experts or copyright lawyers are a specific type of attorneys.  If you want to be a copyright expert, you are typically going to first need to become a lawyer and focus on copyright law.  The requirements to become a lawyer are to complete an undergrad degree, graduate from a law school (typically a three-year [...]

Hematologist Education Requirements

If you are interested in working in the field of hematology, you are going to have to achieve the same level of education as any other doctor.  You will need a four-year bachelors or undergrad degree, then complete medical school and a residency.
Your bachelors can be in anything you want, however you need to make [...]

Roofer Education Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements to become a Roofer.  Typically, roofers will work their way up through the trades.  They start out as apprentices, eventually become journeymen and finally they could be foremen.  Some companies will require a high school education, but most simply want to see experience on your resume.
If you want to [...]

Nursing Continuing Education Requirements

Although it varies from state to state, a registered nurse needs to renew their license every two years.  In order to renew their license, they need to complete 20 contact hours or two units of continuing education.  The courses must be academic in nature and not be prerequisite courses.

Education Degree Requirements

If you are thinking about getting a bachelors or an undergraduate degree in Education, there are a few requirements you need to meet before graduating.  The requirements vary from university to university, so check with your particular college to find out exactly what courses you need to take.
When you graduate the program, you are typically [...]

Nurse Education Requirements

In order to be a registered nurse, you must have an associates or a bachelors in nursing and pass the registered nurse exam.  Being a registered nurse is a great career, with starting salaries in the $50k to $100k range.  Registered nurses are in very high demand due to the aging baby-boomer population.
If you are [...]

Zoologist Education Requirements

Unlike being a doctor or a lawyer, you are not required to achieve a certian level of education to become a zoologist.  Most employers look for candidates that have a bachelors in zoology, biology, chemistry or another related science.  There are some associates programs offered by junior colleges, technical colleges and trade schools.  Masters programs [...]

Dermatology Education Requirements

A dermatologist is a type of physician, so the requirements are very similar.  You need to get a four-year bachelors degree, then get another four-year medical school degree and finally do a residency that will typically last about 4 years.
Your undergraduate degree can be in what ever you desire, however you need to make sure [...]

General Education Requirements

When graduating with a bachelors degree in basically anything, there are a set of general education or GE requirements that one must fulfill before getting the degree.  These courses vary from school to school, but typically included the following classes:
Mathematics or statistics
Sometimes, your major or support courses will also happen to fulfill some of your [...]

Psychiatrist Education Requirements

The educational requirements for becoming a psychiatrist are very similar to those of becoming a doctor.  You must complete a four-year undergrad program, including the pre-requisites for med school.  Then you must go to a four-year medical school, and finally finish by doing a residency that will typically last four to six years.
One must keep [...]